Tuesday, January 19, 2010

God did NOT send that Earthquake

...and I get indignant that anyone would try to claim He did!!

God is not in the business of sending judgment on people in this day and age...there is a vast difference between the Old Covenant and the New and better Covenant we have with Jesus the Messiah.

There is also a vast difference between a curse and a judgement- which 99% of the people who are upset with Pat Robertson missed..he didn't say that God sent the earthquake, but it sure got twisted up that way in the reporting. Not saying I agree with him talking about it like that, just saying he didnt say what they said he did...

I know there are a lot of people who may disagree with one or both of the above opinions, or have questions about why I believe this way. Rather than go into a long discourse here in the post itself, I invite you to comment, ask questions, or reply with your opinion- politely please! I will answer, I love debate- its healthy for our faith to "reason together" about things like this.

I plan to do a follow up post in a week or so with scriptures and afterthoughts, but for now please add your two cents to the conversation.

ALSO: see my post Dont Blame God for more info and links to a couple of good Bible teachings on the goodness of God.

PS Yeah I know, photo has nothing to do with the post~its one of the photos I took of the delightful fairy frost that we had here last week (meteorologists called it hoar frost, but I think it was fairies;)...just wanted something soothing and peaceful to go with this slightly heated rant.


  1. My heart aches for those in Haiti and those in the United States waiting to hear about loved ones. Everyone including the aid workers are in my thoughts and prayers.

    I wish that I didn't have anger to express, but I found very disturbing comments and videos.

    Some Christians are saying that God did this to punish them as they are seen as involved in voodo, witchcraft, Muslim activities, etc. This is not the Christian God that I know by the scriptures and I know that he deeply grieves for them. (Do people not understand that Americans and Christians as well as many others from other countries and faiths died also!)

    Others have said that this is a sign of the end times as illegal Haitians will eventually be sent back to where the came from as will other races as written in the Bible. One person said that they hated all n****rs and do not feel sorry for them and won't help them. I feel so sick having read these and more comments of such type.

    Others have stated that God made it happens, so therefore He is not loving. I don't think that anyone can ever adequately address this issue to human understanding as we are not God and our minds do not have His capacity or the larger picture. Horrendous things happen all the time in this world. I know about free will and natual disaster arguments, but bottom line is that I do not know why such things happen. But, as a Christian I know God as loving, accepting, compassionate and that this disaster grieves Him. Christ would have helped and demonstrated these characteristics...I wonder do I or do you?

    The Bible says that "we will have trials and tribulations, but be of good courage..." Other translations state "cheer" instead of "courage" which is incorrect if you go back to the Hebrew words used. So, we are to have the courage to carry on and not put on a happy face or say, "I'm over it or God will take care of it." Listen and allow people to express their emotions and grieve with them...that is one of the most loving things that you can do.

    People have also said that President Obama is milking this for all he has to increase his ratings with the American public. Any president would have done the same or this country as well as others would have criticized the U.S. I am not implying that he provided aid quickly to "look good," but any descent person would have done the same. It is also being said that this is good for President Obama as he will gain the support of both dark and light skinned blacks.

    What an opportunity for people to really show their real colors, ignorance and hatred. We are all part of humanity no matter our beliefs, values or morals. I wish there was more compassion expressed in this world.

    Sorry that this is so long, but it is an adapted version of my post on Monday.

  2. Thanks for sharing here too- I sure understand the frustration!! As I read your comment a lot of good scriptures come to mind to use in my follow up post early next week:)

  3. Regardless of the cause, it's not Robertson's place, or anyone's place, to judge. That's for God to do.

  4. Good post. I'm astounded that Robertson is taken seriously by anyone.

  5. Yeah, its difficult..listening to the interview with Robertson Im pretty sure that he didnt mean to say the way it was reported..he just way oversimplified a very complex doctrine and the press with their misguided interpretation added a lot to what he said to make a firestorm.

    Seems to me tho there are things you should say and things you should just pray, and however he meant it, it really should have been the latter.

    You'll notice there are no links to the 700 club here on my blog:)

    Thanks for commenting all!!