Sunday, June 1, 2014

Perfect Protection Series by Keith Moore

Perfect Protection is one of Keith Moore's best series on the subject of fear- when you understand what the bible teaches about God's protection and how to walk in it, fear becomes a thing of the past!

Note: All of Keith Moore's teaching series are available online absolutely free through Faith Life Church websites:

Faith Life Church Branson, MO
Faith Life Church Sarasota,FL

Sunday, March 23, 2014

HopeFaithPrayer.Com ~ The Mechanics of Faith

God has been stirring me recently to establish begin a more scheduled routine for this blog and Im hoping to begin again in April, after our first big Renaissance Fair of the season.

In the meantime I stumbled upon a wonderful resource/blog this morning and want to share it with you all. deals with "the mechanics of faith" and features original posts as well as a wealth of articles by many of my most loved heroes of the faith: Smith Wigglesworth, E W Kenyon, Kenneth E Hagin and many more. Please stop over and take a look- and tell them I sent you;)