Sunday, February 21, 2010

Smith Wigglesworth ~Holy Spirit Fire

Smith Wigglesworth was one of the most delightful, sold out to Jesus men of God the world has ever seen! He was part of the early Pentecostal movement and during his ministry he saw thousands of people saved, baptised with the Holy Spirit and miraculously healed. Born in England in 1859, he was a plumber to trade, with no formal education at all- he began working 12 hours a day at age 7 to help support his family. From an early age he devoted himself to winning souls to Christ on an individual basis, but it was in 1907 at age 48 when he was baptised in the Holy Spirit that his worldwide evangelistic and healing ministry began.

Wigglesworth was known as "the Apostle of Faith" because absolute trust in God was a constant theme in his life and messages. I first became aware of him because Kenneth Hagin referenced him in many of his books on faith & healing. Smith Wigglesworths works in print are all originally taken from sermons preached and lessons taught at various locations around the world. I very rarely read a "devotional" book, but I love the compilation of messages that have been put together in Whittaker House's Smith Wigglesworth Devotional

My copy of the book is FILLED with highlighted passages- many of the quotes I have already used on the blog are from here, and many more I could of my other favorites:

"I believe God wants something to be in you that could never be unless you cease to live for yourself. God wants you to live for Him, to live for others...The Holy Spirit came to thrill you with resurrection power, and He came so that you would be anointed with fresh oil that overflows in the splendor of His almightiness. Then right through you will come forth a river of divine anointing that will sustain you in the bitterest place. It will give life to the deadliest formality and say to the weak "BE STRONG" and to them who have no might "The Lord of Hosts is here to comfort you". Possibility is the greatest thing of your life!"

~Smith Wigglesworth

This book is available through, and below you will see a selection of other Wigglesworth works available as well... if you click on any of the links from here to make a purchase, a percentage of the sale comes back to help support my blog~ I decided to enroll in their affiliate program, but only plan to review books here that I REALLY love so hopefully it wont seem spammy when I do similar posts:)