Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Christmas Present to Myself

I have been wanting to start a more personal blog, a place where I can rejoice in the living, active breath of God, the source of my strength and my song. I have been SO busy lately (this is a good thing;) that I have not had time to do things for me, so I decided I would set aside a wee bit of time today to finally begin here! Christmas dinner is about to start, so for now, here is my favorite Christmas song and a post I left on my other blog:

~!Merry Christmas & a blessed New Year to you & Yours!~

This song is one of my favorite Christmas songs ever. I remember the first Christmas that I was a mom- one night I was rocking my 4 month old son to sleep in the living room with only the Christmas lights on, and I suddenly had this inexpressible joy in my heart, thinking of another baby so long ago...amazing love that took my breath away, and yet gave me breath at the same time! (Did you know in Hebrew, the word for Breath and Spirit is the same?) Now that little baby of mine is about to become a father I smiled at this bit he left on twitter the other evening:

"Aidan is playing pattycake with me through his mom's belly. This impending fatherhood thing is really interesting sometimes"

My beautiful Christmas moments...I just had to share:) Blessings everyone!!

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  1. Blessings on your personal journey