Monday, March 12, 2012

A Masterpiece of Divine Grace

Reinhard Bonnke is a powerful evangelist and a dear saint of God. I ran across this series of brief (less than 2 minutes) videos on his You Tube channel and wanted to share one with you. He only says a few words, but the love and the power of Jesus and the New Birth are conveyed Spirit to spirit! He says simple, powerful things here:
"A true Christian is a piece of Divine workmanship,
Someone who is born again is not just renamed or re-christened.
The work of Christ is not just a touch up job or a new coat of paint!"

"God does a glorious work, each convert is a masterpiece of Divine grace"

I pray that this will bless you like it did me, and if you are not yet a Christian, I pray you will allow God to speak to your heart through the anointing on this man of love! Peace be upon you:)

For more information about becoming a Christian from Reinhard Bonnke, go to

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