Thursday, February 26, 2009

He will Speak Peace

God is SO good (I think I've said that before, eh?;). This week I had a brief unexpected trip to the hospital~which ultimately turned out fine, but was a bit scary for awhile~and while I was there I spent a few hours reading the Word and praying. He quickened Psalm 85:8-13 to me as I was praying about how to keep the days events from throwing me off track:

8 I will hear what God the LORD will speak,
For He will speak peace
To His people and to His saints;
But let them not turn back to folly.
9 Surely His salvation is near to those who fear Him,
That glory may dwell in our land.

10 Mercy and truth have met together;
Righteousness and peace have kissed.
11 Truth shall spring out of the earth,
And righteousness shall look down from heaven.
12 Yes, the LORD will give what is good;
And our land will yield its increase.
13 Righteousness will go before Him,
And shall make His footsteps our pathway.

~Psalm 85:8-13


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  1. oh my goodness I am glad you okay. And aIl love all of the Psalms. They are so beautiful. May God keep a special watch over you and make sure nothing else goes wrong.
    Peace and blessings,